Christmas Photography 101

My blog posts often focus on my current dogs Holly and Percy Quinn. However, these are not my first dogs. When I was 3-years-old, I got my first rescue pup, nine month old black lab that we named Lily. We adopted Lily in December, and it soon became a tradition that Lily and I take … Continue reading Christmas Photography 101

Strange Names

I have to admit- I'm quick to judge when I hear or read the name of a child whose name sounds strange to me. "What were their parents thinking?" is often the first thought in my mind, but who am I to judge? It seems the trend of naming children unique and even odd names … Continue reading Strange Names

Be Prepared!

The recent flooding disaster in neighboring parishes has been described as "epic" and "horrific" because of the amount of property that was destroyed and the number of families displaced. In the wake of the aftermath, the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter took in 21 dogs from a shelter in Ascension Parish. The dogs brought to Thibodaux were … Continue reading Be Prepared!