Cat Crazy

History of the Cattery

It’s safe to say that many people love cats, but nobody’s love for cats comes as close as Cindy Glorioso’s. Cindy has always had a love of cats, but it wasn’t until she began to feed cat colonies that her love turned into what calls an obsession. When Cindy learned that the City of Thibodaux was going to capture and kill the cat colony she was feeding, she sprung into action and saved the endangered cats. She said, “We saw the traps when we would go feed them at night. That broke my heart because I knew where they were going and they would be killed.”  At the time, her husband said she can keep no more than five cats in a one room building he had built for her that she would later call The Cattery. As you can imagine, that number didn’t stay small for long. Almost a decade later, at the time of my interview, the number of cats at The Cattery has risen to nearly 100 (85, to be exact).

The Cattery

Cindy Glorioso, founder of The Cattery, devotes many hours each day “doing something cat.”

The Cattery, a sanctuary and home to 85 cats waiting to be adopted, is located at 512 St. Mary Street in Thibodaux, behind her family’s pre-owned car dealership. From a distance, The Cattery looks like an ordinary building until you get close; however, things chance as soon as you step out of your car and walk towards The Cattery. As soon as you get close, you’ll begin to hear the cats who seem as though they are in paradise. Upon entering The Cattery, you’ll see lots of bedding, food, litter boxes, a giant cat wheel, and plenty of places for the felines to sleep and play. What home along the bayou would be complete without a view overlooking Bayou Lafourche? The Cattery Cats have that too. With the exception of one or two cages, the cats that call The Cattery home are able to roam freely as they please.

Two types of cats reside in The Cattery: feral and domesticated. Unfortunately, according to Cindy, the feral cats go mostly unadopted and are left to live the rest of their lives in The Cattery without finding a permanent home with a family. Still, the feral cats that will never be adopted get as much love and attention from Cindy and her small crew of volunteers just as the more desirable (adoptables) domesticated cats do. Despite the large number of cats in Cindy’s care, she manages to know each and every name, as well as every cat’s backstory. In addition, every cat that enters and resides in The Cattery is treated to the works when it comes to their healthcare.

The Cattery is truly a castle for cats! Thibodaux and the surrounding area is blessed to have such a wonderful and compassionate woman like Cindy who is willing to dedicate so much of her time to cats.


It’s unknown why people abandon their cats, but price is certainly one factor that may cause some people to abandon their cats. Take a look at the graphic below to see an average breakdown of the costs of a cat.