Home Remedy

It seems as though everywhere I go, I hear people speaking about the wonders of Essential Oils. During a recent holiday gathering, the new moms in family were talking in some sort of mom code: diffusers, rollers, carrier oils. What?!? This generation, what are they talking about? I soon learned about this homeopathic, magical oil firsthand. As many of you know, Holly is now considered to be a senior dog because she will soon celebrate her 12th birthday. As a precautionary measure, her veterinarian has suggested that she start taking steroids for her knees, hips and joints. The two prescriptions included a pill and beef-flavored chews. These prescription medications gave Holly a ravenous appetite for bizarre

I don’t know who enjoys the Essential Oils diffuser more: the humans in the household or Holly!


In a short time, she devoured a photo album, several paperback books, and she even chewed up a picture frame. The only notable changes that we could observe were in her appetite. In order to stop her destructive eating habits, we discontinued her medication. All was going very well until recently when Holly refused to walk or lay down. After a quick assessment, we noted that she was not injured or in severe pain.

It was after office hours, so my mom said, “Let’s try our new Essential Oil kit on Holly!” After quickly reading the manual, my mom began pouring a mixture of oils into the diffuser. Holly refused to lay on her raised cot, so we got an old, fluffy comforter out and placed it on the floor near the diffuser. Holly was able to ease into the comforter and rest easily throughout the night. The next morning she was moving a little bit better. After another four hour treatment, she was moving with ease.

Of course, be sure to first check with your doctor when your pet’s health is concerned. But now, I can talk with my cousins who are moms about the benefits of Essential Oils.



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