Christmas Photography 101

My blog posts often focus on my current dogs Holly and Percy Quinn. However, these are not my first dogs. When I was 3-years-old, I got my first rescue pup, nine month old black lab that we named Lily. We adopted Lily in December, and it soon became a tradition that Lily and I take a photo for the annual family Christmas card.

Most of the time, these photos were location shoots orchestrated by my mother. I always had to be dressed in over-the-top holiday attire, and Lily usually wore a huge holiday bow. My mother would also have appropriate props for the pictures, and off we would go!

It is important to remember a few key factors when photographing children and pets:

  • Choose a time when the child and the pet are at their best.
  • Choose a proper setting and lighting to ensure clear, crisp photographs.
  • Work quickly. Set up props first and then add the child and pet.
  • Bring treats to offer as bribes to both before, during, and after the shoot.
  • Keep a squeaky toy handy in order to gain both the attention of the pet and the child.

Finally, no matter what, take the shot! You will be glad that you have the moments captured for years to come.

Merry Christmas!


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