I have numerous jobs, but one that I’ve held for a few years now is petsitting/housesitting. Many people now rely on petsitters to watch their beloved animals instead of boarders that simply cage the animals while their owners are away. In my opinion, leaving pets at home where they are most comfortable is the best thing to do for your pets while you’re away.

On Saturday, I am petsitting for Sarah Timberlake’s two dogs named Clem and Tiny. I attend the same church as she does, so I’ve known her for my whole life. Yes, she really is related to Justin Timberlake (no joke)! Justin is her great nephew.

I really enjoy petsitting because it’s basically like a vacation for me. I get to stay in a different home, usually eat whatever food is in the fridge, and spend time away from my parents. I also get paid very generosity to petsit too. I love it!

Stay tuned for another post about my adventures with Clem and Tiny while Ms. Sarah is away.


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