According to a recent survey conducted by Puptopia, 16% of Americans will dress their dogs up for Halloween. Picking a costume for your fur baby is very similar to picking a costume for yourself or for a child. The costume should be comfortable, easy to put on, and easy to take off. Be sure it fits properly, not be too restrictive for movement or too loose to cause a tripping hazard. Your pet’s costume should be designed so that it is easy for them to move around, to drink water in order to stay hydrated, as well as to have ease when going to the bathroom.


Choose a costume with your dog’s personality in mind. A shy dog, like Percy Quinn, would be perfect in an Eeyore costume. Messy, mischievous Holly would be perfect in a French maid’s costume. My pets do not have to wait for a holiday to dress up. They enjoy wearing jerseys for sporting events, sweaters and jackets during cooler weather, and t-shirts to support their cooler weather.

If these options do not seem suitable for your pet, a bandana is a perfect, instant festive touch. A simple piece of fabric cut into a triangle is a great way to begin to introduce fashion into your pet’s life.

Prince William of the Looziana Basset Rescue is rocking a simple scarf.


For more ideas for pet costumes, these stores have great costumes:

Spirit Halloween




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