Creature Comforts

The average dog sleeps 12-14 hours per day. Most pups adapt to their owners’ sleep patterns sleeping approximately eight hours per night and spending four to six hours sleeping and lounging throughout the day. With this being said, their comfort is extremely important. There are several bedding options for pet owners to choose. Naturally, the bedding options vary in price from under $20 to well over $200. When choosing a pet bed consider its size, age, and its special special needs. Does your pet need a large area to stretch out, a special orthopedic mattress to help with joint pain, or an unclosed bed that will make a timid pet feel secure?

My two pets are approaching their senior years. They have had a variety of beds throughout their 10+ years. However, until recently, the place of choice for Holly, our chocolate lab, was our antique love seat. And for our Beagle-Basset Hound Percy Quinn, he opted for the plush sofa with blankets and throw pillows. We have finally found a solution to keeping them off of the furniture! We purchased raised cots and placed them side-by-side. The easy to assemble cots are available online and at big box retailers and are reasonably priced at under $30.

I know how much I enjoy my bed, and I want my pets to be as comfortable as I am.




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