Pascal Has Arrived!

In my spare time, I enjoy to petsit (I’ll discuss the topic at length for a later time.). No, please don’t ask if I can babysit too because I’m not fond of children, especially children that require frequent diaper changes. I’m better with pets, and I believe those who entrust me to watch their four-legged loved ones agree.

This particular dog’s name is Pascal Benoit, and he’s an 8-year-old Bichon Frise. Unlike the other dogs that I petsit, Pascal was not a stray nor is he a mut. In fact, Pascal is a purebred show dog that cost about about $4,000 to purchase. His momma loves him, and only trusts certain people to care for him. I’m fortunate that I’m on of the entrusted ones!

Pascal is a frequent visitor to my home because his mom and dad are lucky enough to travel often throughout the year. Not only do I enjoy spending time with this white fur ball of energy, but my friends and Kappa Sigma brothers do too!

Pascal always has a smile on his face, and his tongue is always sticking out! He’s a happy fellow.

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